Yoga Practice Of Postures


These should be tried gradually; with rest periods in between, and ,once a pose is gained, it needs to be retained only briefly. Never should there be strain or hurried effort as the purpose of asanas is to attain comfort. Experts claim that flexibility is gained through practicing asanas in easy stages.

They also affirm that the early yogic teachers were concerned’ in the attainment of’ the final pose, not the ways by which it was reached. So the descriptions of the’ various stages are given as guides, rather than precise procedures.

Some persons may find other ways more suited to their own physiques.

There is much to be said regarding the regularity and persistence in , the practice of these asanas; also there are rules of diet and other preliminaries that are essential to yogic development. However, these are not too demanding so far as basic asanas are concerned,

Authorities agree that elaborate rules about food and diet are principally for persons who are aiming to develop themselves as mystics through the practice of Hatha yoga Brisbane Northside. That, too, will be discussed in detail when the time arrives. For the present, asanas are being considered as exercises only, so the essentials are:

Any type of food is satisfactory; provided it is easily digestible and that care is taken not to overeat. Alcoholic stimulants should Be avoided and moderation should be applied to coffee, tea -and tobacco, the simple rule being, “the less, the better.”

Always ‘allow a few hours after a meal before yoga classes in Melbourne, making sure that the stomach and intestines are empty.

Morning is preferably the time for yogic exercises, though other times are satisfactory provided the proper conditions are observed.

Regularity is advisable in the practice of asanas, but women should abandon all such exercises during periods of menstruation and pregnancy.

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