What is Dental CreamToothpaste from Himalaya

Himalaya’s dental cream is an herbal formulation of rare selected herbs that makes gum and teeth strong with within and prevents all types of dental issues. Herb collected from the valley of subtropical region of Himalaya is mixed with other ingredients that strengthens gum and stops gum bleeding. Not only this, various other herbal ingredients present in this dental cream provide all day protection and keeps bad breath away.

What are the benefits of Dental Cream/Toothpaste?
This herbal dental cream has carminative and astringent properties which act as a strong antiseptic and mouth-freshener.
It fights plaque, strengthens tooth enamel, fights plaque and repairs teeth damage caused due to acid.
It has anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties that prevent cavity formation, tarter and plaque development thus keeps dental health at top.
Prevents the growth of germs in the cavity
Prevents bleeding gum and tooth sensation
It has antihistamine, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which treat swollen gums.
It also heals ulcers
What is the composition of Dental Cream/Toothpaste?
Acacia arabica (Indian Gum-Arabic Tree, Babbula)
Azadirachta indica (Neem, Nimba)
Carum copticum (Bishop’s Weed, Ajamoda satva)
Embelia ribes (False Black Pepper, Vidanga)
Punica granatum (Pomegranate, Dadima)
Triphala (Emblica officinalis, Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula)
Vaikranta bhasma (Fluorspar)
Vitex negundo (Five-Leaved Chaste Tree, Nirgundi)
Zanthoxylum alatum (Toothache Tree, Tumburu)
How to take Dental Cream/Toothpaste?
It has to be used like normal toothpaste. It must be used twice a day for best results.

Precautions while taking Dental Cream/Toothpaste
It has to be used like any other toothpaste

What are the side effects of Dental Cream/Toothpaste?
No side effects.

How to store Dental Cream/Toothpaste?
Always store in cool dry place irrespective of the weather

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