What is Brahmi from Himalaya

Brahmi also known as the cerebral herb had been used for many centuries to cure various neurological and other physical problems. Today modern science has proved that Brahmi does enhance the functioning of certain brain chemicals that are responsible for memory, learning and thinking. Not only this, it also guards brain cells from exposure to those chemicals that are involved in initiating Alzheimer’s disease. Brahmi is an excellent brain tonic.
What are the benefits of Brahmi?
Improves visual information processing speed
Boost up learning, processing and memory power
Increases catalase (CAT) level, superoxide dismutase (SOD) level, glutathione peroxide (GPX) activities of the brain
Increases grasping and retention of new information
Increases cerebral glutamic acids that increases the learning process
Provides relief from nervous agitation and irritation
Effectively treats anxiety, epilepsy and psychosis
It overall improves cognitive performance by removing mental fatigue and memory disturbance
In elderly person it removes dementia
What is the composition of Brahmi?
Every capsule of Brahmi contains 250 gm of pure Brahmi extract.
How to take Brahmi?
Twice a day one capsule, this may vary as per the dose prescribed by a physician.
Precautions while taking Brahmi
Follow the prescribed dose, do not exceed it.
What are the side effects of Brahmi?
There are no side effects of Brahmi.
How to store Brahmi?
Always store in cool dry place irrespective of the weather.

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