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Blood pressure can be measured of how many times your heart pumps per second and it is the pressure of blood running through your arteries or veins. The faster your heart beats the more force of blood will rush to your arteries and the person will suffer high blood pressure.

There are two ways of measuring the pressure of your blood and it is called systolic pressure where in the blood pressure is measured on how fast your heart pumps blood. Systolic pressure measurement is actually the most common and most used method in testing blood pressure. When your heart is at rest during the beating of your heart and then when your blood pressure drops its called diastolic pressure. The diastolic pressure method of measuring blood pressure is not as commonly used unlike the systolic pressure test.

It comes with the age, the older the person becomes the faster his heart will pump, increasing the blood pressure and normally children have a much lower blood pressure compared to adults. Blood pressure can vary depending on the persons mood. The pressure of blood is normally lower when we are asleep and increased when we are excited, happy, sad or any sudden changes of emotions. Time of the day also plays a role when we talk about changes of blood pressure. During the night blood pressure is normally lower compared in daytime.

The normal blood pressure reading must be lower than 120/80 and 140/90 indicates high blood pressure using systolic and diastolic measurement of reading. If you are experiencing high blood pressure because your heart pumps faster it could lead to a disaster like stroke, damage the kidneys, heart failure eye irritations because the small veins my burst causing hemorrhage in the eye.

Cholesterol plaque and calcium in the arteries clogs or blocks the blood from flowing freely causing the heart to pump faster to deliver the oxygen, vitamins, minerals etc. to the organs and tissues needing these elements. This will result in a lot of medical problems. Proper diet is good advice to lower blood pressure and diets that are less in cholesterol and fats must be take if you are already experiencing high blood pressure.

Hypertension is caused by high blood pressure and can lead to a heart attack if not careful. If your blood pressure reads 180/110, go immediately to the hospital and admit yourself because there is a big percentage that it could result in a heart attack.

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