Treatments for Breast Cancer

The central tenet of breast cancer treatment is usually surgery if the breast tumor is localized and is backed up by radiotherapy at times, and chemotherapy and possible adjuvant hormonal therapy with aromatase inhibitor or Tamoxifen. All kinds of post surgery adjuvant therapy treatments have to follow a certain pre set pattern that changes every two years, on the basis of the Swiss health conference or breast cancer summit.

A few tests that can be used by doctors are PCR tests such as microarray tests or Oncotype DX tests. For e.g. Mammaprint test. This one is beneficial for determining the risk of recurrence of breast cancer on the basis of expression of gene.

A minimally invasive method of treating breast cancer that is pretty innovative is ILT or Interstitial laser thermo therapy. It does not carry the risk of adverse side effects or health risks nor does it require any kind of surgical removal of breast tissue. Survival rates are not affected negatively due to this minimally invasive surgery.

Even after surgery, there might be a few cancerous cells loitering around in the affected portion. You can destroy these lingering cancer cells through radiation treatment. If your doctor can deliver the radiation in the right dose or the correct dose, then the risk of cancer recurrence is minimized by 66% to 50%.

Local treatment of breast cancer

Local treatment examples are radiation and surgery where the tumorous growth is treated without the rest of the body getting affected in any way.

Systemic treatment

Some examples of systemic treatment of breast cancer are immunotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Usually these types of treatments reach the cancerous cells and spread throughout the body by consumption or pushing down through the mouth or by injection through the bloodstream. In this way the medication or treatment can reach all corners of the body and destroy cancer cells if they have spread to other body parts and affected other organs or parts.

Other treatments are neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapies, surgeries like axillary dissection, lumpectomy, segmental or partial mastectomy or quadrantectomy, radical mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, total or simple mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy followed by breast reconstruction surgery.

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