The Mental Health Connection

A healthy mind needs a healthy body and vice versa. It’s a famous saying and it shows the importance of the connection between mental health and physical health. No one can deny the importance of a healthy mind and there is no substitute for it. Some of us or someone you know might be fit physically but might need help to be healthy mentally. In such a case you will require professional help, guidance and care. Now the million dollar question is who and from where can you get that for your loved ones?

There are some organizations that are there to help you and your loved ones to get the care, help and guidance they deserve. The mental health connection of Tarrant County is one of those organizations. The mental health connection is a collaboration of public and private agencies, as well as individuals who need mental health care services.

It has and it is still working to revolutionize the mental health service delivery system in Tarrant County, Texas. Its members develop plans for long-term changes in the system while addressing key issues and providing immediate solutions where possible. The organization is supported through membership dues, sponsorships, grants and private donations.

Mental Health Connection today is one of those organizations in its field that enjoys active participation from more than 150 members representing public and private provider agencies, health care providers, advocacy organizations, elected officials, educators, the judiciary, the criminal justice system, clergy, consumers and their caregivers, and other concerned citizens

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