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Welcome screen shows (in % and MB) how much we have spent of our monthly quota. If we keep our current usage constant we will use only 21.6% of my quota, so we will be fine (I believe no one likes to pay those monthly overages).

Also, on this screen we can see how much data is received (downloaded) and transmitted (uploaded) and, of course – total usage. Then we have a quick look on daily, weekly and monthly usage. More than enough data for the welcome screen!

Settings button gives lets us set our monthly qouta (in MB); alerts which will warn us when we are near our quota; update frequency (every hour is fine – more updates, shorter battery life); widget settings (shows quota % used, alert when roaming, etc.) We can also set our phone to vibrate when we’re near our monthly quota, we can set 3G Watchdog to automatically disable 3G (to lower our data usage). 3G Watchdog can work with APNdroid and JuiceDefender. Of course – there is an option to auto-reenable 3G when usage is back under limit.

There is more. When we press “Menu” button on my HTC Desire we get more options: quota traffic history, day traffic history, set quota counters, set today’s counters and refresh.

Quota traffic history shows last 12 recorded quota periods (months).

Day traffic history displays traffic usage for the last 31 recorded days. It also displays averages on all recorded days.
Set quota counters lets you manually enter your quota. You can also reset all counters to zero.

3G Watchdog is a wonderful application and it is a must for every Android phone. It accurately monitors our data usage (3G, GPRS, Edge) and warns us when we are near our quota.

To download this free application search Android Market for 3G WatchDog.

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