Steps to Eliminate Eye Wrinkles

There are many steps you can take to minimize and eye wrinkles that may be beginning to develop. The first thing that can affect bagging under eyes, wrinkles and dark circles is sleep. If you do not get enough sleep then your eyes look worse. Try to catch at least 8 hours of ZZZ’s a night. Most people area actually slightly dehydrated all the time and by drinking plenty of water you can erase eye wrinkles.

Cucumbers are very soothing to the skin around the eyes and are used in many facials and other skin treatments. Placing cucumbers over your eyes can help revitalize them for a short time. Avoid pollutants, smoke and alcohol as they all can take moisture out of your skin. Smoking in particular has been found to be directly linked to wrinkle development.

Try not to touch your eyes a lot and be very gently when wiping makeup off or cleaning around your eyes. When you pull on your skin you cause new wrinkles to form and start to break down elasticity. Touching your eyes will only damage the delicate skin and create wrinkles that much sooner.

There are many eye creams that have been developed specifically to help eliminate eye wrinkles. There are many products to choose form but only a few are truly effective and produce good results. Make sure you do some research and always remember to read the ingredients. Creams that are all natural and can easily be absorbed through the skin are the best.

Some of the active ingredients in eye creams will relax the muscles around your eyes to reduce wrinkles. They can also help to stimulate cell growth and increase collagen and elastin production and create smoother and suppler skin. Many of these products will make your skin very sensitive to the sun so it is important to always wear sunscreen.

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