Practice Leaflet

Medicines Dispensing

At Zoom Chemist, we dispense NHS prescriptions and Private prescriptions. Our Pharmacist will review your medication at each dispensing to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you. The pharmacist may also contact you to advise you on how to take your medication. For NHS Prescriptions, £7.85 is the fee charged per item, unless you are exempt. You can send us your prescription here. Follow the on screen instructions and unless you are exempt, you will be taken to our payment gateway too enter your credit/debit card details for payment.

Repeat Dispensing service

We also take part in the repeat dispensing service. This involves the pharmacy dispensing your repeat medication for chronic conditions at regular intervals, without the need for you to see your GP. This service is only avaiable to patients whose GP is happy for them to take part in the service. For more information on the repeat dispensing service please contact us.

Waste Disposal

If you have any unwanted medicines, you can send them to us for disposal. Please contact us for further information.

Public health

If you would like information regarding health concerns, please contact our pharmacist on 01442 450438 To view our current Public Health Campaign click here


For Information On Diabetes Please Visit:

Diabetes UK

For Information On Cancer, Please Visit:

Cancer Research UK

For Information On Managing A Range Of Conditions, Please Visit:

NHS Choices

For Advice On Smoking Cessation:


Support for self care

If you require any information on health and lifestyle issues, please contact our pharmacist here If you would like any further information on our services, or to make a complaint please contact us. When the pharmacy is closed, for any health problem, advice and details of other health services, contact NHS Direct, 24 hours a day.

Data Protection

We use a patient medication record when dispensing prescriptions. This allows us to identify interactions between medicines and identify any problems. We comply with the data protection act and NHS code for confidentiality. Zoom Chemist will never sell any of your personal information to third parties.

Violent and Abusive Customers

Please note that our staff have the right to work in a safe environment, without fear of experiencing violence or abuse. The NHS supports our staff in their right to refuse to serve customers acting in such a manner. This includes emails and telephone calls.

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