Perth Psychologists Can Help Ease Stress

Stress has become an integral part of life in these unstable and fast paced times.  The recent and continuing economic crisis is just one stressors that the news bombards us with on a daily bases.

Stress can be triggered by many things that are different us at various points in our lives.  However, several categories of triggers have been pinpointed by medical professionals as likely to increase stress levels in most people.  These categories include:

1)    situations with an element of uncertainty

2)    losing control (or thinking you’ve lost control)

3)    lack of information available about a present or future circumstance.

These three categories can include both personal and professional events.

Some common triggers can include:

death of a loved one
marriage or separation
getting fired
job promotion
vacation or holiday

The most remarkable aspect of stress is that it is truly a personal reaction.  An event that is unbearably stressful for me can be a minor irritation for you.  The trick to dealing with stress is being able to recognize the signs and whether professional help is required to cope.  Professional psychologist perth wa can often pinpoint symptoms that point to a crisis.

Stress is a ‘normal’ part of our lives and we don’t really notice it until the symptoms associated with the situation become too glaring to ignore.  Stress can cause both physical and mental problems that can impact every corner of life.  Mental or emotional symptoms include:

inability to concentrate
emotional exhaustion
withdrawal from primary relationships
Physical symptoms are more obvious such as:

sleeping disorders
chronic fatigue
heart palpitations
excessive energy
muscle stiffness

These issues can become serious health problems when stress is chronic and we find ourselves with ineffective coping skills.  The consequences of unresolved excessive stress include:

high blood pressure
negative personality changes.

It’s quite obvious that we need strategies to minimize or diffuse the stress in our lives either through natural coping methods or with professional help.  Strategies can be learned.  They include knowing what is in your control, having a positive outlook on events, having a motivating influence in life and just simply taking care of yourself with healthy diet or exercise.  An essential strategy is knowing when you need help rather than allowing the situation to become critical.

It is important not to isolate yourself from individuals who can assist you.  We often think we need to tough it out.  Perth psychologists continually update their practices to include modern stress management counselling and psychotherapy and workshops.  Stress needs to be addressed before it causes irreparable damage.

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