Manic Depression

Depression has various kinds and one of those is the manic depression which is characterized by varying mood swings that may result to super “high” (manic) to excessively “low” (depressed) feeling.

Sometimes, this problem is referred to as bipolar disorder in which the brain creates strange changes in the person’s mood, energy, and ability to function. The problem may only be seen on later years but truth is, it can start at any age even young children can be affected. Anyone can be a victim but studies shows that it had genetic link therefore if your family member is suffering from one then you can most likely expect yourself to have the same condition after some time. Seek the doctor right ahead because manic depression would not only cause you stress but including the people around you who take the toil of hardly understanding your behavior.

If you are suffering from manic depression, it is important that you are aware of your personal triggers since this is imperative for the proper treatment of the disease. The condition has recurrent pattern therefore it entails to have nonstop treatment. Take some time to relax yourself by having sufficient amount of sleep and practice regular sleep times.

Doctors may also prescribe medications for manic depression known as “mood stabilizers”. Example of these drugs is lithium and valproate. Sometimes, antidepressants are administered to maintain the balance of highs and lows emotions. There is still hope for people suffering from this condition if only they will realize that proper treatment and early diagnosis is the key.

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