Makeup Challenges For Women With Dry Eye Syndrome

Females with dry eye syndrome commonly report that their eyes become increasingly red and irritated on application of eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. Eye makeup can present an immediate irritation, or an increase in redness and irritation over the course of the day (or night). Liquid foundation can also cause irritation on application, caused by the movement of air, due to the motion of the hand around their eyes. Furthermore, minute particles of powder foundation can also get in the eye causing redness and irritation. Heavy use of over the counter eye drops can be used to help with the eye’s reaction to makeup on application – but there is a limit to what they can do when the eye is just not coping and flaring up. Not only is the eye’s reaction to makeup very painful… it is also great point of distress, embarrassment and frustration.

It’s so ironic that something that should accentuate a women’s features and make her look more beautiful would do the very opposite (not only that, but also cause physical pain)!

If (eye) makeup is not stored in the correct manner, or is exposed to heat or extreme conditions it can become contaminated and lose its original properties. i.e. old mascara can easily flake and particles can fall into the eye causing the eye to react from the chemicals it contains.

Some women swear by hypo-allergenic makeup or organic makeup which is becoming more and more available. Even though these products can be more expensive, it is worth the extra money if your eyes are less affected and you can go out without feeling embarrassed about the state of your eyes.

Paraben is a preservative commonly found in makeup. Its commonly known that preservatives are a good thing for the life of the product, but not for the health of the end consumer. Recently a study has published that this preservative was found inside some breast cancer tumors. Further studies are being undertaken.

Obviously, waterproof makeup is not recommended as it requires a more aggressive formula to remove… plus it contains a whole other set of chemicals in order to make it waterproof. The last thing a dry eye needs is more chemicals!

If you decide to wear eye makeup, baby shampoo or a product such as Cetaphil is a good make up remover. Make up must always be diligently removed before going to bed. If it is not, irritation, redness and infection are likely.

A way to get around this daily battle for women with dry eye syndrome is to get some glasses that really suit your face and bring out your features. Glasses can also work as a physical barrier between the eye and the air – reducing the evaporation rate of moisture from the eye, keeping your eye more hydrated and healthy looking. Eyeliner tattooing and eyelash tinting are also other alternatives. Or there is nothing stopping you from doing all three!

Women with dry eye syndrome shouldn’t be made to feel that they need makeup in order to be presentable or accepted. Eye makeup is not worth the daily pain, redness and irritation.

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