Low Carb Diets

It’s also a way easier way of shedding pounds than standard diets : you eat as much as you like of some foods, limit carbohydrates, and you lose fat without truly trying!

But it’ll involve a change in the way you concentrate on food. As an example, many of us are conditioned to think about carbs as our main ‘fast’ food, from cereals and toast with jam for breakfast, to pastries or biscuits at mid-morning, sandwiches or fried food at dinner time, and pasta, rice or potatoes as a standard addition to the evening meal.

These carbs are self-serving : the more you eat, the more they excite insulin which quickly lowers your blood sugar levels ; this in turn makes you fancy yet more sugar, which is then deposited as fat.

Bread, rice, pasta and potatoes are just the ’support act’ ; they supply bulk to your diet – and more energy than you need, which is stored as blubber. You do not need them, and should thus exclude them from your diet – at least whilst you are in the method of losing fat.

Have a significant breakfast

how often have you heard that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day? This is true, but it is also true that you should eat the right sort of breakfast, particularly if you are attempting to lose fat. There’s no point filling up on carbs at breakfast – bread, jam, jam, cereal, milk and sugar – as they only excite an insulin reply, your blood sugar drops inside 1-2 hours, you become hungry and a touch irritable, and eat more carbs ( like biscuits, pastries or cakes ) to compensate. And thus the vicious circle continues.

So when you’re actively shedding pounds, you must stick to a comprehensive maximum of one piece of bread ( or equivalent ) a day, and elude all cereal, grains and sweet food ( except fruit, and even that must be severely proscribed in the weight-loss phase ) for breakfast. In addition, try and cut out almost all milk, as it is comparatively high in sugar. Should you do the same?

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