Smoking has been detected as the major reason for impotence that is erectile dysfunction. Research has been made and it has provided evidences that it ultimately leads to impotence:

• Men who smoked more than 20 cigarettes on daily bases had 60% of higher risk of erectile dysfunction in comparison to men who never smoked.
• 15% of former and present smokers had experienced erectile dysfunction.

To have a desired erection and satisfying sex clinically approved medicines are being used for a long time now. Viagrathe blue pill, the very first oral treatment for erectile dysfunction was approved by FDA and recommended by many doctors. Cialis and Levitra are also the competitors for viagra for the treatment for impotence.

Normally erection takes place when there is a good flow of blood in the penis when a man is sexually aroused. When you smoke tobacco, you inhale hydrocarbons which damage the lining of arteries causing an abnormal patch (plaques) to form in their inner lining and subsequently reducing the flow of blood. Thus nicotine makes the arteries narrower. When the arteries leading to a man’s penis get blocked the man becomes impotent. Arteriosclerosis is a most common cause for impotence.

Champix is the medication to get rid of smoking as quickly as possible. Champix with its main ingredient Varenicline is a prescription treatment for smoking cessation and works by reducing the urge of a smoker to smoke. Clinical trials have shown that champix shows its effects after a 12 week course and 44% of smokers successfully get rid of smoking.

This is how smoking habit and impotence are connected and this vulnerable connection can leave men with an unsatisfied sexual life. Smoking not only causes erectile dysfunction but also reduction in sperm count, reduction in ejaculation volume and abnormal form of sperms. Moreover smoking also causes lung cancer, heart diseases and emphysema. Smoking is slow killer and rapidly reduces the life expectancy of a person.

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