How to lose weight fast – eat yourself slimmer

Nutritionists and scientific researchers have recently made the discovery into how to lose weight fast – they discovered that eating specific types of foods can actually help you to lose weight. These are special foods that have what is becoming known as fat-burning calories. The more you eat, the more weight you lose – within reason of course.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be talking about these foods, what they are and why they cause you to lose weight, and how.

How can certain foods cause you to lose weight?

Experiments have shown that 15 particularly healthful and nutritious foods (some of which are vegetables and fruits) burn more calories than they contribute. So the more you eat, the more you burn off your excess weight. These foods (with fat-burning calories) are transformed into energy, not fat

How is this possible?

The power of fat-burning foods to dissolve excess fat will seem obvious to you when you understand how your body accumulates and stores excess fat.

You are born with a certain number of “adipose” cells. These adipose cells swell up and multiply when your body gains too much weight. As soon as your metabolism slows down, this allows carbohydrate-based foods to be changed into fat. This fat is then stored around your body as we know only too well.

Therefore, you cannot lose weight by draining the fat from the cells. You can only do this in three ways:

  1. eliminate foods that are high in fat (otherwise known as dieting),
  2. intensive exercising
  3. eating foods with fat-burning calories that burn of the fat and drain it from your cells

Obviously it is the last method that is far and away the easiest because it obviously requires no effort, and no deprivation (and consequently no bad moods or strained will power).

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