Friendship Or Education: What Counts In Child Care


The sad fact is, the salaries paid to child care workers are way below what they should be making and because of that, it is hard to find highly qualified people. In 1995 it is estimated that child care teachers earned about $15,000 per year on the average, which is not much over the poverty level. Assistant teachers were only making an average of $11,000 per year in the same time period. Even in comparison to the teachering profession in elementary schools, these salaries are considered low.

Start Early. Many college students go to a school that is in a different area than where they will be for the summer. This means that some of them do not look for a summer job until they get out of school, usually in May. Doing this can make finding a summer job much harder. One tip for finding a summer job can be to go home during spring break, and use this time to look for a summer job. Not every office or company will be hiring, but you can often make some good connections that can help you to find a job. You may be able to have an initial interview, or at least speak with someone over the telephone – and this can lead to your getting a summer job this year.

Take a deep breath and we will try to create some simple rules to add some sanity to the confusion. I’m going to start with a couple of advantages to running a child care Auckland from your personal home and will address some of the tricks to record keeping in its own special chapter.

For anyone to succeed on the Internet their website must have high traffic. The key is not just traffic, but targeted traffic. This type of traffic makes sure that the people visiting their website are interested in buying the specific products that are advertised.

The ideal situation for a Daycare Auckland would have only one door with a sentry checking children, their families and everyone else in and out during operating hours. This can’t usually be the case, however, as it is apt to be impractical.

Due to the increased economic pressure, most families have both parents working full time jobs. This brings about a business opportunity for those in need of earning some extra cash. Child care can easily be carried out in one’s home. Most parents prefer their kids being in a homely environment at a Child Care Centre Auckland. If you are interested in this line of business you can set it up in your own home. This provides an educational and stimulating environment for the children. Taking care of one child may not be lucrative but having several children under your care is financially satisfying.

The second component of the calculation is the time component. This seems pretty straight forward. At first you may just count the hours when children are present but you would be missing out on all the other time spent in you home working on your business. These hours include time spent preparing for the day, record keeping, and appointments with parents, and cleaning up from the day. Once you have determined the space percentage and the time spent percentage you simply multiply the two percentages together and you are set to go.

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