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24 Hr fitness has quickly become one of the biggest fitness chains in America. There are 385 24 Hr fitness clubs spread over 16 states. Not only does this make it the largest fitness chain in the United States, but in the world as well. All of the clubs are state of the art facilities. They include many amenities for their guests. This makes people excited to go work out!

The ever growing chain is very popular even among sports player. These include Andre Agassi and Lance Armstrong. It has also become popular due to its appearance on the reality show, The Biggest Loser.

24 Hr fitness offers exercise programs for people at all different fitness levels. They offer 5 different programs so that individuals can decide what will work best for them. The programs are well laid out an easy to read. If you are just looking for a workout program, then the Active program may be for you. This program provides use of your basic work out equipment; however it does not provide a lot of extras. The Ultra Sport program offer use of the basketball courts, the spa and the kids club, along with traditional weight and cardio machines. These programs are great, because they allow people to work toward their own individual goals.

Features You Will Find at 24 Hr Fitness:

• Working out is convenient, because there are so many locations across the country.

• They really focus on proper exercise techniques and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

• They provide personal trainers for people who want. They also have childcare and group classes.

• They make fitness packages to suite different types of lifestyles, whether you just want to get in shape, or you are training for a marathon, they have something for you!

• They also offer fitness packages for different budgets as well. This nice, because it allows those who are on a tight budget access to the gym.

• There is something for everyone. You won’t get bored at 24 Hr fitness, because there are so many things to do! They have yoga classes, rock climbing, cardio equipment, weights and so much more.

• Being a member will help you to stay on track and meet your goals.

• Personal trainers are available for members to use as well. They can help member to decide on a personal nutrition plan as well. Although the main focus is on exercise, it is important to maintain a healthy fat loss diet as well.

If a club is available near you, then you would be wise to check it out. There are so many ways to get fit and stay there, but 24 Hr fitness is really quite the motivator! Check out a club, you won’t be disappointed.

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