Female Hair Loss

Healthy, shiny and attractive hair is a possession of beauty for females. The fear of losing their hair can end up given then lots sleepless nights. Hair loss is not seen too often in females and many times it is just temporary. Finding a useful solution is what they need. Females are less prone to hair loss in comparison to males. The reasons for hair loss in females vary from person to person depending on their age and conditions.

Hair loss in women generally is caused due to abnormal hormonal secretions. Unusual androgen levels and less estrogen levels are the cause of hair loss in 40% of the affected females. An excess amount of oestrogen secretion and metabolic changes are also reasons for temporary hair loss.

Pregnancy as well as puberty are some biological events that cause hair loss in a woman. During pregnancy hair loss is generally caused due to the stress the body faces and nothing can be done to stop loss of hair at this period of time. Generally hair loss starts after birth of the child and stops six months after birth. This is generally caused due to hormonal changes after birth. Applying hair tonic may help re-growth of hair this time. Hair loss during menopause is another major problem in females due to excess of secretion of a chemical called DHT.

Drugs and medicines are also vital reasons for hair loss. Medication causes to attack the hair roots loosening the bondage with the scalp. Stopping medicine intake can cause hair loss. Taking contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy also causes hair loss in some women.

Dieting and diet supplements that result in quick weight loss over short period of time can cause hair loss. Intake of excess vitamin A tablets and syrups can also lead to hair loss.

Physical and mental Stress also adds to hair loss. Hair loss decreases as the stress lowers down. Others reasons of hair loss are said to be coloring of hair and cosmetic treatments that affect the hair roots to loosen from the scalp.

There are a wide variety of treatments but few are aware of them. Female hair loss can be stopped and new hair can be re-grown with proper medication and surgery. The best way to avoid hair loss is to nourish and condition your hair regularly and keep a healthy diet.

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