Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is a stationary exercise machine. It’s a machine which decreases impact injury risk. This type of exercise machine will not cause excessive pressure to the joints. An elliptical trainer is a combination of stair climbing, walking, and running all in one machine without the joint strain and damage. This type of machine is low impact, so it is a good way for people with some injuries to stay fit and to get a terrific workout in.

Speed and resistance preferences can be set to different levels of intensity depending on the needs and wants of the user. The non-impact cardio workout these machines offer can vary from light to high intensity.

Elliptical trainers came into the fitness and workout environment in the 1990′s. In 2004 Larry D. Miller patented a compact elliptical trainer. He wanted a machine that would allow less strain and stress on the user’s joints.

Elliptical trainers are categorized by the location of the motor or “drive”. The oldest type of elliptical trainer is the “rear drive”, followed by the “front drive”, then by the latest design of the “center drive”. Each type will offer just a little different workout resistance, but not too much.

Some of these machines are manufactured for the fitness center in mind. The machines produced for fitness centers are more durable and are made to withstand constant use by different people. These ones can sell for over $4,000 because of the greater durability. The elliptical machines produced for at home use by fewer individuals are durable but less than that of a fitness center machines. The at-home models can be bought for under $200.

The leg muscles and the heart are the two main groups of muscles getting the workout on an elliptical trainer. On the models where the handles move to, the upper body muscles will be getting a full body workout in too. An elliptical trainer can be more efficient in burning calories. This is because more muscle groups are working out at the same time.
If you are wanting a good workout machine to use at home, or even in a fitness center setting, try out an elliptical trainer. It is a low impact workout with fabulous results.

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