Depression Symptoms

Although it is normal for a person to feel emotionally bothered from time to time, if the problem never seems to go away, depression may be the reason behind.

However, you need not to fret for so long because through proper treatment and help, you can address the problem rightly. But of course, you won’t be able to cure the problem if you don’t know its signs to look out for. Depression symptoms may basically vary from one’s age and gender but among the most common signs includes rapidly gaining weight or abrupt loss of weight, insomnia or else too much sleep and many more.

There is a huge difference between simply feeling down from clinical depression. The later is a serious problem that requires medical intervention because it can lead to stern troubles like the person may develop suicidal behavior because she is helpless in escaping the feeling of unhappiness and despair. On the other hand, there are some sufferers of depression that don’t feel sad at all rather they just feel empty.

Depression symptoms for teenager include irritability, and they tend to be antagonistic, grumpy and sometimes they may easily loss their temper. Parents may know the condition of the child if they tend to complain about unexplained aches and pains. For adults, the symptoms include extreme grief, loss of independence, and health problems. But keep in mind that depression is not a normal part of aging so never take the problem lightly. Seek professional help right ahead.

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