Colon Cleanser: Taking Care of Your Body

Junk foods and processed foods have become a part of people’s diet. Not only are they so tempting, they also tastes really great. However, as their names suggests junk foods are junks. They contains excessive amount of everything from salt to sugar to chemicals and preservative that are harmful to your body. The more junk foods you eat the dirtier your colon is. This is one of the reasons why colon cancer has become very common in this and the last generation. Since junk foods came into picture, people developed a certain cravings for them.

Taking care of your body is your responsibility. Do not give in to your cravings. Instead feed yourself with healthy food stuff and avoid being in the presence of junks foods when you are trying to withdraw from them. Now, the best way to start your junk food withdrawal is to detoxify your body first. This will keep you energized and active as you go along the difficult withdrawal process. You simply have to take a supplement called the Oxy powder every night before you sleep. You should take in lemon water to wash the pills down as acid helps activate the ingredients present in this agent.

This agent used primarily as a colon cleanser is made from 100% organic ingredients. It is made from vegetables that help promote regular bowel movement. Your body gets rid of toxins, chemicals and even excess feces from your small and large intestines as well as your colon during the process. Taking this supplement continuously ensures that your body continuous to get detoxified. Toxins do not only come from the food you eat but from the air that you breathe as well. So aside from changing your diet and your lifestyle, you should also take oxy powder supplement as part of your diet.

A Few Of The Services Offered By Cincinnati Dentist

In taking care of your teeth it is advisable that you visit your dentist at least once every six months. Of course if you should develop problems outside of this time limit you can also make a visit. The thing is, do you actually know the services that are provided by your local dentist in Melbourne?

Well if you are currently residing in Cincinnati or use the services of a Cincinnati dentist, here are a few of the services that are likely to be provided by your dentist Abu Dhabi:

Emergency Dentistry – This deals with treating cases in which your tooth or gum has be damaged as a result of an accident or some event of the sort. Common cases tend to involve a missing tooth or teeth, a missing tooth filling, chipped tooth, broken or missing crown, or other cases that leaves you in great discomfort. In most cases, these damages tend to be caused by a fight, sport accident, chewing hard candies, chewing gum, freak accidents or biting into a hard object. The important thing is to get to the dentist as soon as possible after the incident so the problem can be addressed or corrected.

Laser Dentistry – This is a safe and pain free technique that uses a narrow beam of light to treat things light tooth decays, gum diseases, lesions and even whiten your teeth. This technique is also less scary as it requires no drill and anesthetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry – To give you a more confident smile your dentist Cincinnati offers services like laser teeth whitening, custom fitted veneers to correct chipped, discoloured or stained teeth, and the making of bridges to replace one or more lost tooth.

Paediatrics – Many children tend to be afraid of their dental visits for many reasons. However, if you can find a dentist in Cincinnati that offers this service, they will have just the right tactics to get your child’s teeth clean and healthy and get them hopping right back to the dentist at their next visit.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – For many persons these final set of molars can really result in some extreme discomfort. As a result, if you should even decide to remove them you can have them remove at your dentist in Cincinnati.

Crawlspace Dehumidifier – Getting The Most Bang For The Buck

If you are struggling to identify the best crawlspace dehumidifier, you should stop worrying and start checking your options for a few specific points. Starting with an assessment of humidity level, you need to pick a dehumidifier with the right air changes.

The volume of the crawlspace is also important factor in the selection of a crawl space dehumidifier. The volume can be measured by multiplying the length with the width and the height of the crawl space. If multiple rooms or areas are present, then it is imperative to deduce whether air can flow between the areas without any major hindrance. If there is no major hindrance towards the flow of air, then the separate areas can simply be added, however, areas which provide hurdles for the airflow need to be considered separately.

The above guidelines are designed to equip prospective buyers with sufficient knowledge in order for them to make an informed decision. However, there are a number of other added features and aspects that should the considered before buying a crawl space dehumidifier. These are given below:

a. Drainage – A proper drainage system should be attached with the dehumidifiers in order to ensure that no water content remains in the crawl space.
b. Sizing – The size and dimensions of the dehumidifier should adhere to the dimensions and available crawlspace area.
c. All Weather Versatility – The crawlspace dehumidifier should be able to operate and be fully functional in all weathers and seasons.

If you keep all these points in mind, you will find it extremely easy to select one of the finest crawlspace dehumidifies that will regulate humidity level and resolve issues related to allergies. So, always keep these points in mind and opt for a popular brand of dehumidifiers to get the most bang for the buck.

The Mental Health Connection

A healthy mind needs a healthy body and vice versa. It’s a famous saying and it shows the importance of the connection between mental health and physical health. No one can deny the importance of a healthy mind and there is no substitute for it. Some of us or someone you know might be fit physically but might need help to be healthy mentally. In such a case you will require professional help, guidance and care. Now the million dollar question is who and from where can you get that for your loved ones?

There are some organizations that are there to help you and your loved ones to get the care, help and guidance they deserve. The mental health connection of Tarrant County is one of those organizations. The mental health connection is a collaboration of public and private agencies, as well as individuals who need mental health care services.

It has and it is still working to revolutionize the mental health service delivery system in Tarrant County, Texas. Its members develop plans for long-term changes in the system while addressing key issues and providing immediate solutions where possible. The organization is supported through membership dues, sponsorships, grants and private donations.

Mental Health Connection today is one of those organizations in its field that enjoys active participation from more than 150 members representing public and private provider agencies, health care providers, advocacy organizations, elected officials, educators, the judiciary, the criminal justice system, clergy, consumers and their caregivers, and other concerned citizens

What is Brahmi from Himalaya

Brahmi also known as the cerebral herb had been used for many centuries to cure various neurological and other physical problems. Today modern science has proved that Brahmi does enhance the functioning of certain brain chemicals that are responsible for memory, learning and thinking. Not only this, it also guards brain cells from exposure to those chemicals that are involved in initiating Alzheimer’s disease. Brahmi is an excellent brain tonic.
What are the benefits of Brahmi?
Improves visual information processing speed
Boost up learning, processing and memory power
Increases catalase (CAT) level, superoxide dismutase (SOD) level, glutathione peroxide (GPX) activities of the brain
Increases grasping and retention of new information
Increases cerebral glutamic acids that increases the learning process
Provides relief from nervous agitation and irritation
Effectively treats anxiety, epilepsy and psychosis
It overall improves cognitive performance by removing mental fatigue and memory disturbance
In elderly person it removes dementia
What is the composition of Brahmi?
Every capsule of Brahmi contains 250 gm of pure Brahmi extract.
How to take Brahmi?
Twice a day one capsule, this may vary as per the dose prescribed by a physician.
Precautions while taking Brahmi
Follow the prescribed dose, do not exceed it.
What are the side effects of Brahmi?
There are no side effects of Brahmi.
How to store Brahmi?
Always store in cool dry place irrespective of the weather.

What is WinterWell from Savesta

WinterWell from Savesta is a Natural Immunity booster. WinterWell is used to treat flu, colds and also to treat cancer. WinterWell also helps in reducing the inflammation associated with Sinusitis. WinterWell effectively prevents the diseases that are observed during Winter season.
Savesta WinterWell – Natural remedy to prevent Cough, cold and other Respiratory infections attracted during winter season
WinterWell from Savesta contains Andrographis which is traditionally used in Ayurveda to support healthy upper respiratory tract infections. Holy Basil Contained in WinterWell has several health benefits which includes support of healthy immune system. Ashwagandha herb in WinterWell is a well-known Adaptogen, which promotes rejuvenation along with mental and physical health. WinterWell also contains Trikatu, which consists of three pungent spices, whose composition supports the health of upper respiratory tract.
Key Ingredients:
Holy basil (Ocimum Sanctum) (175mg)
Andrographis (150mg)
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) (100mg)
Trikatu (25mg)
1 capsule twice a day or as directed by physician.
WinterWell from Savesta is not to be taken during pregnancy. If you are nursing or taking any prescription drugs, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product. Not to be taken by children under 12.
Side Effects:
No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.
Benefits of WinterWell from Savesta:
WinterWell from Savesta is a natural Immunity Booster
WinterWell from Savesta helps to prevent cough, cold and flu
WinterWell from Savesta supports the health of upper respiratory tract
WinterWell from Savesta promotes rejuvenation and supports mental and physical health

What is Triphalax from Savesta

Triphalax from Savesta is an Ayurvedic remedy to get relieved from occasional constipation and bowel disturbances. The gentle herbal laxative property of Trihalax helps to relive chronic constipation, regularize bowel movements and also treats assimilation.
Savesta Triphalax – Laxative – Herbal remedy to maintain proper digestion
Triphalax from Savesta contains Indian Senna, which according to Ayurveda decreases pita in the body and allows free movement of Vata in the body. Indian Senna also stimulates liver for proper Secretion of the enzymes. Triphalax from Savesta also contains Triphala which is a well-known Ayurvedic formulation, used in rejuvenation and to improve digestion. The Coriander fruits contained in Triphalax help in soothing and stimulating digestion.
Key Ingredients:
Triphala 400 mg
Senna Alexandrina 30mg
Organic Coriander Sativum fruits 100mg
2 capsules at bedtime, or as directed by your physician.
Triphalax from Savesta contains Senna. Thus, Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain as Senna may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. TriphaLax should not be used for longer than 7 days and is not intended for use in chronic constipation or intestinal obstruction. Not for use by individuals taking licorice root or any other medication that may aggravate electrolyte balance without prior advice from a healthcare practitioner. Not to be taken by children less than 12 years of age without the advice of a physician.
Side Effects:
No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.
Benefits of Triphalax from Savesta:
Triphalax from Savesta is an natural remedy to treat Constipation
Triphalax from Savesta helps in maintaining proper Digestion
Triphalax from Savesta has Laxative properties
Triphalax from Savesta stimulates liver for proper secretion of enzymes
Triphalax from Savesta increases bile acid secretion which assists digestion
Triphalax from Savesta also has rejuvenative properties

What is Triphala from Savesta

Triphala from Savesta is an effective Ayurvedic formulation helpful in proper Digestion and Detoxification. Triphala is a natural herbal compound consisting three medicinal herbs namely Indian Gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan and Bellirica Myrobalan. Triphala is a complete body cleanser. It not only helps to detoxify and cleanse the colon, but also purifies the blood and removes toxins from the liver. Other cleansing benefits of Triphala include reducing some forms of cholesterol (serum cholesterol), and reduces high blood pressure.
Savesta Triphala – Effective Ayurvedic Remedy for proper Digestion & Detoxification
Triphala from Savesta is considered as gentle laxative, Triphala is used to stimulate digestive health, improve liver and gallbladder function, boost immunity, ease inflammation, and manage chronic conditions like asthma. It’s also commonly found in supplements that claim to detox or cleanse digestive system. Triphala possess anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-allergic properties. It is used to lower the blood pressure. It reduces the serum cholesterol and also acts as a natural colon cleanser and helps to reduce the lipid level in the body.
1 capsule, thrice a day or as directed by your physician.
Triphala from Savesta is not for use during pregnancy. If you are nursing or taking any prescription drugs, seek the advice of a health care professional before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.
Side Effects:
No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.
Benefits of Tribulus from Savesta:
Triphala from Savesta is the best natural remedy for proper digestion
Triphala from Savesta helps in detoxification of body
Triphala from Savesta has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer and anti-allergic properties
Triphala from Savesta boosts immunity
Triphala from Savesta cleanses the colon
Triphala from Savesta reduces cholesterol levels in the blood
Triphala from Savesta maintains normal blood pressure
Triphala from Savesta removes toxins from liver thus maintaining healthy liver function

What is ThinkWell from Savesta

ThinkWell from Savesta is an effective formulation of Ayurvedic Herbs that helps in taking care of healthy brain functioning. ThinkWell from Savesta helps in improving learning ability and also supports memory retention. ThinkWell promotes mental calmness and relaxation. Thinkwell effectively increases memory power, learning ability, antioxidant activity in the brain and resistance to psychological and physical stress.
Savesta ThinkWell – Effective Ayurvedic remedy to maintain Healthy brain functioning
ThinkWell from Savesta helps in reducing stress by controlling the levels of stress hormone cortisol. ThinkWell is indicated in Memory disturbances like attention fluctuations, concentration impairment also in language and learning disability. ThinkWell controls temper, aggressive behavior and mental fatigue.
Key Ingredients:
Soy Phospholipid complex (120 mg)
Bacopa (Bacopa Monnieri) (100mg)
Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) (70mg)
Vinpocetine (10mg)
1 capsule, twice a day or as directed by your physician.
ThinkWell is not to be taken by individuals taking prescription drugs without physician’s advice. Not to be combined with anticoagulant medications (e.g., high-dose aspirin). Not for use during pregnancy. If you are nursing or taking any prescription drugs, seek the advice of a health professional before using this product. Keep out of children’s reach.
Side Effects:
No major side effects have been reported in medical journals.
Benefits of ThinkWell from Savesta:
ThinkWell from Savesta maintains healthy brain functioning
ThinkWell from Savesta promotes clear thinking
ThinkWell from Savesta improves learning and memory power
ThinkWell from Savesta also acts as a stress reliever
ThinkWell from Savesta controls anxiety and temper

Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains 30ml

Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains is an herbal oil which is relives one from joint pain and related problems. It facilitates easy and pain free joint movement and also maintains the health of ligaments, tendons as well as bones. It can be used for not only joint and muscle pain but also for sprain, body ache, stiffness of muscles and joints.
Ingredients of Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains 30ml
Til oil/Sesame Oil
This herbal oil has anti-inflammatory effect on humans and at the same time has other benefits as well. this oil has many other ingredients like copper, magnesium, iron, vitamin and B6. Copper which supports the nerves and provides instant relief from pain, calcium provides instant relief from headache, PMS, osteoarthritis; while amino acid prevents and also relives pain.
Gandhapura oil
A much beneficial oil that prevents joint pain, acute arthritis, rheumatism, stiffness and swelling of joints.
Field mint or pudina
There are three types of mint in it which relaxes blood vessels, treats joint pain, headace, gum inflammation, toothache and also relaxes the peripheral blood vessels.
This is a multi specialty herb and is used to treat arthritis.
This herbal oil is very useful in relieving muscle pain and stiffness, it also relives from body pain. This herb is excellent in improving the blood circulation of the body.
Benefits of Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains 30ml
Regular massaging will relax the muscles and relieve the body of the much pain and associated suffering
Stimulates the blood flow and therefore reduces the stiffness of body pain
This herbal oil heals muscles and never damage
Heals the body and muscles in case of muscle injury and sprain
Also relives rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylosis and cervical spondylosis
Method of application of the Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains 30ml
This oil can be massaged over the affected area but slightly and gently
One must not apply pressure and make sure that if the are is paining, then to very slightly mover fingers over it and not rub it at any cost
If required the oil can be heated slightly before application

Cure on Oil for joint & Muscular Pains 30ml is available at a package of 30 ml