7 Ways to Wipe Eye Wrinkles Off Your Face

Because the skin around the eye is very thin and is always the first to begin to show wrinkles, eye wrinkles can appear at almost any age. They will also appear more quickly if a person has a substantial amount of sun damage (sun worshippers beware!).

Prevention Of Dreaded Eye Wrinkles

Old Sol Gifts You With Eye Wrinkles: the best thing to do to try to prevent eye wrinkles is to put sunscreen on before you go outside. Not only will it protect you from getting skin cancer, but it can also help prevent eye wrinkles from forming.

Water, Water & More Water: one way you can reduce, or even eliminate, eye wrinkles naturally is by increasing your intake of water (no, coffee, tea and soft drinks don’t count – sorry). When you drink water you are hydrating your skin, keeping it lush and supple. When you don’t drink enough water then your skin will become dry, and more prone to wrinkles – think of the cracks in the desert when it hasn’t rained in months.

Fruit Is Loaded With Water: drinking water is very hard for some people, so another way you can try to keep your skin healthy is by eating plenty of fruit. A lot of fruits, like grapes and watermelon, are a good way to keep the skin hydrated.

Cukes Reduce Puffiness: one good food to use on your eyes is the cucumber. You can slice two pieces and place them on your eyes for a time and this will reduce any swelling. Reducing puffiness also relaxes the eyes and relaxation equals fewer or shallower wrinkles.

Eggs Aren’t Just For Poaching, Frying Or Scrambling: eggs are also very good for treating eye wrinkles. The most beneficial part of the egg to use is the white because egg whites will tighten the skin and lessen the appearance of eye wrinkles. Simply place egg white on your eye wrinkles and lie down and relax for a bit.

Exhaustion Circles Just Aren’t That Attractive: another way to improve the appearance of your skin and get rid of all kinds of wrinkles is by getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night. When a human body does not get the right amount of sleep it can not only damage its health, but it can cause the skin to age prematurely, causing unsightly wrinkles to form.

High Quality Anti Aging Creams Fight All Wrinkles: all of these anti-wrinkle strategies are effective, but there’s no doubt that they require patience. So if you’re in a hurry to minimize or eliminate those aging eye wrinkles, then consider a facial cream that includes quality ingredients. When you “feed” your skin properly it will stay healthy and will be tight and firm. Two of the best are:

1. Collagen: is the most powerful substance known to help keep skin stay young, soft and vibrant. Naturally produced by the body, we produce less collagen as we age and by replenishing this critical substance, we kiss off old Father Time.

2. Matrixyl: its job is to promote a natural increase in collagen production and has been clinically shown to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles.
NOTE: Under eye skin is very delicate, so it is best to apply the anti aging cream by gently tapping it on with one finger. When you apply it this way you will not cause further eye wrinkles to form.
It’s best to use products that have all natural ingredients, like the collagen mentioned above. Botox, for instance, is created from the botulism toxin. Yes, the botulism food poisoning from contaminated food that can be fatal or cause serious symptoms which require weeks or months of recovery. Botox literally paralyzes the facial and eye muscles and can result in bruising, droopy eyelids, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, headaches and dizziness. Does this sound like a wise idea?

Yes, all human skin has many qualities in common – but it is also unique. Your eye wrinkles might be drastically reduced by one facial cream yet that same formula does nothing for your roommate. So wisdom suggests that we look for free or inexpensive samples of quality eye and facial creams until we find one that is effective for us. Don’t spend the mortgage money on a cream until you’re sure it’s effective for YOU.

The All in One Eye Q Speed Reading Program

There is no doubt that the world in which we live is fast-pace, and people are often loaded down with information that they need to be able to process fast. Because of this, there is more demand for those who possess the skill of speed reading, as it can help one to be more productive in their endeavors. Increasingly, when people want to learn how to read fast, they are finding that the Eye Q Speed Reading approach gives them a solution that has all the components they need, to begin their reading speed improvement.

While there are many different choices in speed reading courses and software programs to choose from today, the Eye Q program is a leader in the market. The course is a complete package and it can be used by people of all ages and skill levels. Not only can it be used to acquire such skills, but it is also used by many fast readers to help them maintain their abilities and even for continued reading speed improvement.

The experts in the field of it say that there are relatively few techniques that need to be learned in order to increase one’s reading speed. But, learning the techniques and mastering them are two very different things.

There must be the opportunity to systematically apply the techniques and practice them on a repeated basis, after the principles have been learned. One very effective way of doing just that is through the Eye Q Speed Reading program.

The Eye Q approach provides the student with rapid reading software that keeps the user engaged and motivated. This is accomplished through the use of various exercises, drills and exams that take the student through a number of skill levels.

While progressing through the different levels, the student experiences improvement and also improved comprehension levels. Both speed and comprehension are tested by the software to check on the effectiveness of the reading speed course.

The publishers of the Eye Q program say that anyone who is currently able to read will be able to learn how to read fast with their program. They also say that the software is easy to use and that people of all computer skill levels can get started right away, without a big learning curve just to understand how to use the software.

The heart of the Eye Q program is the interactivity of the speed reading software. Based on the results of the drills and exams, the program is able to provide the student with reviews or with additional drills to strengthen its techniques being taught. The company is so confident in the effectiveness of their program, that they guarantee the user will experience a improvement of at least double their staring speed within two weeks, or they will provide a complete refund.

The Eye Q Speed Reading program is also very simple to implement into even a busy schedule. Their program consists of doing speed reading exercises only seven minutes per day. Doing the speed reading drills at your computer on a daily basis will not only teach you how to read faster, but will also improve your focus and concentration, sharpen your peripheral vision and enhance hand-eye coordination.