Breast Cancer Causes

Thanks to the numerous awareness campaigns surrounding breast cancer, people and women have become more aware of this killer disease that is the number one lethal cancer that increases mortality rate in women followed by cervical cancer. There are many risk factors behind breast cancer but the exact causes are not known.

One probable cause of breast cancer can be genetic predisposition or mutation of genes or changes in DNA because of which cancerous growth is seen in normal breast cells. Some of the uncertain risk factors, for which there is no valid medical basis as such are high fat diets, prolonged use of antiperspirant deodorant in the underarm region, daily use of under wire bra, increased use of push up bra, abortions, breast implants with silicone, pollution, working in night shifts, tobacco smoke etc.

There is hardly any link between these risk factors and breast cancer, but more studies and researches are being conducted to investigate any possible link. Use of cosmetics and special kinds of lingerie as a risk factor is a complete myth/rumor, so do not pay any heed to it.

Certain risk factors

The first risk factor is gender that is; women are 100 times more likely than men to get breast cancer. Age is the second factor with every two out of 3 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer of the invasive type crossing the age of 55 years plus when the condition is detected.

Mutation of genes BRCA2 and BRCA1 can cause breast cancer in 80% of the cases. A family history of breast cancer with very close female blood relatives suffering from breast cancer or a personal history of breast cancer can increase the chances.

Other factors are treatment with DES, previous treatment with breast radiation, very early periods before the age of 12 or late menopause after the age of 55 years, dense breast tissue, racial factors etc. American Indian women, Hispanic and Asian women run a lower risk as do African American women of contracting breast cancer. White women are at the greatest risk.

Other causes or risk factors are lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol, not breast feeding, post menopausal hormone therapy, contraceptive pills, giving birth to children after 30 years or not having children at all.

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