Bipolar Disorder

Common misconception of bipolar disorder is the belief that the condition is a product of modern times. Basically, depression takes place on various forms and they are classified depending upon the strength, cause and the duration of it. One form of depression that is exhibited by unusual symptoms is the bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder which is also known as manic-depressive illness is not similar to other types of depression given that it is distinguished through strange changes on the temper of a person. The patient may also exhibit varying energy levels as well as functioning pattern.

Although science explains the condition to be caused by various factors, bipolar disorder is usually attributed to genetic reasons. In fact, the problem may have long time started since childhood or adolescence years. As the time goes, it intensifies as it continues to persist through life therefore it is known as a chronic illness that calls for long-term supervision.

You can detect someone who is suffering from the said condition if radical and severe mood swings are experienced. The character may vary from being active and talkative to meek and quiet individual in just a span of minutes. When these changes in the character take place, it is known as alternating episodes of mania and depression. Because of this severe change of personality, the relationship of the patient among family and friends may be affected. As a result it is advised that even family members and friends should learn about the disease to prevent conflicts.

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