Balancing Body

The Earth surroundings relates to the season of Late Summer. Earth is our physical home. It reflects our bodies as the bag for our spirit. It is the dissent of life force in form and as such it embodies the feminine principle completely.

In every its example and wonder, the connector as dissent of Life Energy invites us to rest in her and to give thanks for the bounty that Life brings us in every ways. In Chinese Medicine it is the time of harvest. Its nature is still and receptive, inaugural to and receiving what Life has to offer.

The benefits of embodying this surroundings are profound. A significance of gratitude immediately opens us to Life’s gifts in whatever form they present. Gratitude allows space for unfathomable unification to life, through trust, to emerge. Bliss is institute in this state. It is where we realises our oneness with Life and its flow and can open ourselves completely to its countenance through us.

Out of balance, the forcefulness of connector manifests as vexation and obsessive thought as the mind which feel itself as separate from life attempts to curb the inflow and outflow of forcefulness in life. This imbalance shows itself in how we nourish ourselves in every areas. Physically, we may focus on food, taking in likewise such for our needs or not enough depending on our patterns around physical nourishment.

Emotionally, we may give ourselves away through doting others likewise such or alternatively not offering enough love and support. Both these patterns come from a significance of deprivation of love and energy. Love is what Life forcefulness feels like when it flows from our hunch and spirit.
When we are adjoining to the Earth surroundings our body and fiber can be full integrated and the inner marriage of Yin and Yang occurs. We are precocious with the power to manifest our fullest possibleness as fiber filled human beings. We see Life is every its magnificent glory and we attitude Life force in every things. It is impossible to behave out of ignorance, for being at One with the Earth in this way brings about a land of compassion for every beings and every life.

To alter yourself into equilibrise with the Earth element:

– Wear Yellow or orange.
– Give thanks for everything in your life, often.
– Nourish, love, nurture, support and believe in yourself. (just as a mother would take care of her child).
– Eat warm and nourishing foods.
– Ask yourself these questions:
– What do I have gratitude for?
– What do I love?
– Where am I going?


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