Athletes Foot

Athletes Foot, also called Tinea Pedis, is a fungal infection of the skin. It normally results in Itching, red and scaling skin between the toes and can result in considerable discomfort for the sufferer. The toes which are most commonly affected are the fourth and fifth toes, and usually only affects one foot.

How is Athletes Foot spread?

Since Athletes Foot arises due to a fungal infection, Fungal spores are produced. When they come in to contact with skin they can infect the person, producing the same symptoms. They are commonly spread in swimming pools and changing rooms.

What treatments are available?

Antifungal creams are used to treat Athletes foot. They include Canesten® (clotrimazole), Daktarin ®(miconazole) and Lamasil® (Terbinafine). They should be applied daily to the affected area and should be continued for one week after symptoms have cleared up. This helps to ensure the infection has been fully treated and prevents relapse.

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How to prevent Athletes Foot

Since Athletes Foot arises due to a fungal infection, general advice in preventing the condition includes washing and drying the feet everyday, paying special attention to the area in between the toes. If this area is left damp, it provides a warm, moist and ideal environment for fungus to grow. Wearing clean socks each day will also help to prevent the development of the condition. Since Athletes Foot spreads fungal spores into the shoes and socks, they could potentially re-infect a person once they have been treated. Washing powder will not kill the spores. Zoom Chemist therefore recommends the use of Mycota foot powder®, which should be used in the shoes and socks to kill fungal spores, in order to prevent re-infection.

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