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In the todays society prostate cancer is spreading amongst men and has become a matter of great concern. This disease is very evasive in its initial stage and detection is very difficult as there are no marked signs or symptoms of which the doctor can diagnose the disease and administer proper treatment for curing the disease.As you have opened this page it is obvious that you want to find out all the relevant information related to prostate cancer. But before that you should have the initial knowledge about prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the disease which affects the prostate glands which is a part of the male reproductive organs. These glands help in the smooth flow of the semen during ejaculation by supplying the fluid to lubricate the semen. The glands are in the shape of a walnut and are located near the urethra and below the bladder. Prostate cancer mostly affects older men who are in the age group of fifty years or above. So after reaching this age every male member should undergo routine monthly checkups to avoid the suffering and pain caused by this disease.

Things One should Know

If you or any male member in your family is suffering from prostate cancer you want to get all the relevant information about the mode of treatment, the symptoms that are related to this disease, the method of diagnosing the disease, the diet that will help in preventing the disease or the diet that a patient should follow after undergoing the treatment for prostate cancer. This website will also give you all the information about the effects of surgery and the types of latest surgery which is adopted in recent times which will help you to take proper decision.

This site also contains relevant information about the prostate cancer foundation which is engaged in helping the prostate cancer research centers worldwide to find out the curative and the preventive measures so that the disease can be totally eradicated. You can also find all the information about the effects of lycopene which has been discovered in tomatoes that not only help in curing prostate cancer but also helps in its prevention.

Treatments for Breast Cancer

The central tenet of breast cancer treatment is usually surgery if the breast tumor is localized and is backed up by radiotherapy at times, and chemotherapy and possible adjuvant hormonal therapy with aromatase inhibitor or Tamoxifen. All kinds of post surgery adjuvant therapy treatments have to follow a certain pre set pattern that changes every two years, on the basis of the Swiss health conference or breast cancer summit.

A few tests that can be used by doctors are PCR tests such as microarray tests or Oncotype DX tests. For e.g. Mammaprint test. This one is beneficial for determining the risk of recurrence of breast cancer on the basis of expression of gene.

A minimally invasive method of treating breast cancer that is pretty innovative is ILT or Interstitial laser thermo therapy. It does not carry the risk of adverse side effects or health risks nor does it require any kind of surgical removal of breast tissue. Survival rates are not affected negatively due to this minimally invasive surgery.

Even after surgery, there might be a few cancerous cells loitering around in the affected portion. You can destroy these lingering cancer cells through radiation treatment. If your doctor can deliver the radiation in the right dose or the correct dose, then the risk of cancer recurrence is minimized by 66% to 50%.

Local treatment of breast cancer

Local treatment examples are radiation and surgery where the tumorous growth is treated without the rest of the body getting affected in any way.

Systemic treatment

Some examples of systemic treatment of breast cancer are immunotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. Usually these types of treatments reach the cancerous cells and spread throughout the body by consumption or pushing down through the mouth or by injection through the bloodstream. In this way the medication or treatment can reach all corners of the body and destroy cancer cells if they have spread to other body parts and affected other organs or parts.

Other treatments are neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapies, surgeries like axillary dissection, lumpectomy, segmental or partial mastectomy or quadrantectomy, radical mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, total or simple mastectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy followed by breast reconstruction surgery.

Breast Cancer Stages

Just like other types of cancer, even breast cancer is divided into several stages and sub stages which is known as stage grouping to help gauge the range of the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body and each stage has different survival rates, with the survival rate at stage 0 being the highest and those at stage IV the lowest.

Usually if the breast cancer is detected in the early stages of its formation, diagnosed correctly and if treatment is started immediately, there are very good chances of recovery.

Breast cancer stages are expressed in roman numerals from stage 0 to stages I, II, III, IV. Then A, B, C are used to denote the sub stages such as stages III A, III B, III C. Following is a summary of the breast cancer stages: Stage 0 is referred to as carcinoma in situ or DCIS. At Stage I the tumor has not reached axillary lymph nodes.

At stage II A, the size of the tumor will vary between 2 cm and 5 cm and it won’t have reached the lymph nodes which are axillary. However, if the tumor is smaller than 2 centimeters in diameter, then lymph nodes which are axillary might have been attacked.

At stage II B, if the tumor is bigger than 5 centimeter, lymph nodes which are axillary will remain unaffected but if the tumor is sized between 2 and 5 cm, then the cancer would have clawed its way to less than 4 axillary nodes.

The same holds true for stage III A, but here if the tumor is sized between 2 and 5 centimeters, then the cancer would have traveled to four or even more numbers of axillary nodes. At stage III B, the tumor may have attacked less than 10 axillary lymph nodes or the skin of the breast or chest wall might have been penetrated.

More than ten lymph nodes which are axillary will have fallen prey to the cancer at stage III C, or internal mammary lymph nodes or infraclavicular lymph nodes or more than 10 supraclavicular lymph nodes. Stage IV is identified with distant metastasis.

Breast Cancer Causes

Thanks to the numerous awareness campaigns surrounding breast cancer, people and women have become more aware of this killer disease that is the number one lethal cancer that increases mortality rate in women followed by cervical cancer. There are many risk factors behind breast cancer but the exact causes are not known.

One probable cause of breast cancer can be genetic predisposition or mutation of genes or changes in DNA because of which cancerous growth is seen in normal breast cells. Some of the uncertain risk factors, for which there is no valid medical basis as such are high fat diets, prolonged use of antiperspirant deodorant in the underarm region, daily use of under wire bra, increased use of push up bra, abortions, breast implants with silicone, pollution, working in night shifts, tobacco smoke etc.

There is hardly any link between these risk factors and breast cancer, but more studies and researches are being conducted to investigate any possible link. Use of cosmetics and special kinds of lingerie as a risk factor is a complete myth/rumor, so do not pay any heed to it.

Certain risk factors

The first risk factor is gender that is; women are 100 times more likely than men to get breast cancer. Age is the second factor with every two out of 3 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer of the invasive type crossing the age of 55 years plus when the condition is detected.

Mutation of genes BRCA2 and BRCA1 can cause breast cancer in 80% of the cases. A family history of breast cancer with very close female blood relatives suffering from breast cancer or a personal history of breast cancer can increase the chances.

Other factors are treatment with DES, previous treatment with breast radiation, very early periods before the age of 12 or late menopause after the age of 55 years, dense breast tissue, racial factors etc. American Indian women, Hispanic and Asian women run a lower risk as do African American women of contracting breast cancer. White women are at the greatest risk.

Other causes or risk factors are lack of exercise, obesity, alcohol, not breast feeding, post menopausal hormone therapy, contraceptive pills, giving birth to children after 30 years or not having children at all.

Breast Cancer Advice Guide

Commonly breast cancer is seen in women, but it is something that affects men as well, in the age group of 60 to 70 years usually and it is called male breast cancer. But women are 100 times more likely than men to get it. A cancerous or malignant tumor growing in the cells of the breast tissue is called breast cancer.

There are 4 stages of breast cancer but if breast cancer is detected early, there are high chances of survival and cure, but in stage 4, the survival odds are really low.

Dry or scaly breasts or nipples, inverted or flat nipples, nipple discharge that is either bloody or clear, persistent tenderness and softness of breast, a breast that remains warm and is hot to touch, pain in breasts or nipples, a sore breast or swelling in the breasts, increase in size of breasts without rhyme or reason, no change in size of breasts even during menstruation, small lump in the breast that can be felt during examination of breast, change in appearance and color of breasts, redness or dark color of breasts etc are the commonly reported symptoms of breast cancer.

There are various different types of breast cancer and some are rarer and more dangerous than others. Sometimes there can be a mixture of different types in one breast tumor or it can be a blend of in situ and invasive cancer. Some of the breast cancer types are ductal carcinoma in situ, Lobular carcinoma in situ, Invasive or infiltrating ductal carcinoma, Infiltrating or invasive lobular carcinoma and inflammatory breast cancer. Of these the last is very rare and extremely lethal and the mortality rate is also higher at advanced stages. Apart from these, there are other types less commonly seen breast cancers.

Genetic predisposition, mutation of genes, change in DNA, lack of exercise, having children too late in life or not having children at all, early menstruation, late menopause, use of birth control pills, post menopausal hormone therapy, race, family history of breast cancer, personal history of radiation therapy or exposure to radiation, obesity, high fat diet, etc are the risk factors of breast cancer but no exact cause behind breast cancer has yet been pin pointed.

Welcome to Blood Pressure Advice

Blood pressure can be measured of how many times your heart pumps per second and it is the pressure of blood running through your arteries or veins. The faster your heart beats the more force of blood will rush to your arteries and the person will suffer high blood pressure.

There are two ways of measuring the pressure of your blood and it is called systolic pressure where in the blood pressure is measured on how fast your heart pumps blood. Systolic pressure measurement is actually the most common and most used method in testing blood pressure. When your heart is at rest during the beating of your heart and then when your blood pressure drops its called diastolic pressure. The diastolic pressure method of measuring blood pressure is not as commonly used unlike the systolic pressure test.

It comes with the age, the older the person becomes the faster his heart will pump, increasing the blood pressure and normally children have a much lower blood pressure compared to adults. Blood pressure can vary depending on the persons mood. The pressure of blood is normally lower when we are asleep and increased when we are excited, happy, sad or any sudden changes of emotions. Time of the day also plays a role when we talk about changes of blood pressure. During the night blood pressure is normally lower compared in daytime.

The normal blood pressure reading must be lower than 120/80 and 140/90 indicates high blood pressure using systolic and diastolic measurement of reading. If you are experiencing high blood pressure because your heart pumps faster it could lead to a disaster like stroke, damage the kidneys, heart failure eye irritations because the small veins my burst causing hemorrhage in the eye.

Cholesterol plaque and calcium in the arteries clogs or blocks the blood from flowing freely causing the heart to pump faster to deliver the oxygen, vitamins, minerals etc. to the organs and tissues needing these elements. This will result in a lot of medical problems. Proper diet is good advice to lower blood pressure and diets that are less in cholesterol and fats must be take if you are already experiencing high blood pressure.

Hypertension is caused by high blood pressure and can lead to a heart attack if not careful. If your blood pressure reads 180/110, go immediately to the hospital and admit yourself because there is a big percentage that it could result in a heart attack.

Welcome to the Asthma Advice Guide

Chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing at night or very early in the morning and a whistling sound while breathing are common symptoms of asthma which is a chronic lung disease that narrows and inflames the airways.

Airways constrict during asthma and are lined with mucus during exposures to smoke, cold or warm air, stress and exertion, pet dander, perfume or strong stimulants. Most common trigger among children for constant coughing is a viral illness like common cold.

Unlike individuals not affected by asthma, brisk walking or exercises and stress can leave them short of breath for a while. Usual symptoms of asthma that can range from mild attacks to life threatening episodes where breathing becomes labored and extremely difficult but can be kept under control with a combination of drugs and exposure to healthy environments.

How serious is asthma

Recent studies have increased public awareness as they revealed a growing incidence of asthma among urban children—nearly one in four—in developed countries. In the United States alone, nearly 22 million people are affected by asthma of which 6 million are children.

Researchers have also tried to unravel the complexities causing asthma and have found a combination of genetic and environmental factors to be responsible. But they are still at odds figuring out the real causes of asthma that would have solved some problems regarding the severity of the disease and a person’s response to medication.

Asthma problems start when the airways or tubes through which air passes in and out of the lungs, become inflamed and irritated resulting in swelling in reaction to substances like smoke, perfume or any other strong stimulant.

Asthma is a disease that can’t be cured even if you feel fine. It can flare up very fast and it is very important to treat the symptoms as soon as you realize an episode is about to begin. But with advance sin medical science, it is possible to lead a normal and active life as well as sleep well through the night without interruption.

Those affected by asthma need to work out a strong partnership with the doctor and clinic on their health care network as prompt attention is required in the event of an episode.

Colon Cleanser: Taking Care of Your Body

Junk foods and processed foods have become a part of people’s diet. Not only are they so tempting, they also tastes really great. However, as their names suggests junk foods are junks. They contains excessive amount of everything from salt to sugar to chemicals and preservative that are harmful to your body. The more junk foods you eat the dirtier your colon is. This is one of the reasons why colon cancer has become very common in this and the last generation. Since junk foods came into picture, people developed a certain cravings for them.

Taking care of your body is your responsibility. Do not give in to your cravings. Instead feed yourself with healthy food stuff and avoid being in the presence of junks foods when you are trying to withdraw from them. Now, the best way to start your junk food withdrawal is to detoxify your body first. This will keep you energized and active as you go along the difficult withdrawal process. You simply have to take a supplement called the Oxy powder every night before you sleep. You should take in lemon water to wash the pills down as acid helps activate the ingredients present in this agent.

This agent used primarily as a colon cleanser is made from 100% organic ingredients. It is made from vegetables that help promote regular bowel movement. Your body gets rid of toxins, chemicals and even excess feces from your small and large intestines as well as your colon during the process. Taking this supplement continuously ensures that your body continuous to get detoxified. Toxins do not only come from the food you eat but from the air that you breathe as well. So aside from changing your diet and your lifestyle, you should also take oxy powder supplement as part of your diet.

A Few Of The Services Offered By Cincinnati Dentist

In taking care of your teeth it is advisable that you visit your dentist at least once every six months. Of course if you should develop problems outside of this time limit you can also make a visit. The thing is, do you actually know the services that are provided by your local dentist in Melbourne?

Well if you are currently residing in Cincinnati or use the services of a Cincinnati dentist, here are a few of the services that are likely to be provided by your dentist Abu Dhabi:

Emergency Dentistry – This deals with treating cases in which your tooth or gum has be damaged as a result of an accident or some event of the sort. Common cases tend to involve a missing tooth or teeth, a missing tooth filling, chipped tooth, broken or missing crown, or other cases that leaves you in great discomfort. In most cases, these damages tend to be caused by a fight, sport accident, chewing hard candies, chewing gum, freak accidents or biting into a hard object. The important thing is to get to the dentist as soon as possible after the incident so the problem can be addressed or corrected.

Laser Dentistry – This is a safe and pain free technique that uses a narrow beam of light to treat things light tooth decays, gum diseases, lesions and even whiten your teeth. This technique is also less scary as it requires no drill and anesthetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry – To give you a more confident smile your dentist Cincinnati offers services like laser teeth whitening, custom fitted veneers to correct chipped, discoloured or stained teeth, and the making of bridges to replace one or more lost tooth.

Paediatrics – Many children tend to be afraid of their dental visits for many reasons. However, if you can find a dentist in Cincinnati that offers this service, they will have just the right tactics to get your child’s teeth clean and healthy and get them hopping right back to the dentist at their next visit.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – For many persons these final set of molars can really result in some extreme discomfort. As a result, if you should even decide to remove them you can have them remove at your dentist in Cincinnati.

What is Guduchi from Himalaya

Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is one of the most popular traditional herbs with adaptogenic properties which promotes normal immune function and deals with stress. It is also called as Amrita, Amrithu, Giloy and Gulansha.

In Ayurveda, it is categorized as rasayanas which means it is a rejuvenator and daily tonic which improves body’s resistance against illnesses. It is native to Himalaya but can also be found in many parts of South India. It is effective anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-rheumatic herb.

What are the benefits of Guduchi?
Guduchi improves body’s immune power by maintaining white blood cells and thus supports defence mechanism.
It has hepato-protective properties which can be used in the treatment of Hepatitis, liver damage or alcohol poisoning.
It’s a good diuretic which takes away kidney stones out of the body and manages urinary tract infections.
Joint pain, joint inflammation and arthritis can be effectively treated with Guduchi.
Acts as an adjuvant for people undergoing chemotherapy.
How to take Guduchi?
One capsule, twice a day or as prescribed by physician.

Precautions while taking Guduchi
Children below 14 years may find difficulty in swallowing the capsules. So, pure herb (capsule) should not be taken by children below 14 years.

What are the side effects of Guduchi?
No side effects are observed when taken with doctor’s prescription.

How to store Guduchi?
Always store it in cool dry place irrespective of the weather.

None of the information provided above must be used for self-diagnosis of any health problem or analyzing the side effects of the medication. The doctor’s advice is mandatory for taking Guduchi from Himalaya.