Tell Me About The Keys To Weight Loss

Weight loss, especially for women, can be a real pain or a blur, because alot of the time we are surrounded by confusion and it’s not just from the numerous commercials we see – it’s from our friends – our families, certain relatives that may be slimmer then you and eventually, questions like “Why are they slimmer then me?” pop into your head. The fact of the matter is that we all have the power to motivate ourselves, to achieve something great and losing weight is no different. Here’s something you may need to hear more – You can do it.

The first few thoughts on losing weight are the time, effort and patience that is involved and i’m not going to tell you no different – losing weight does take time, effort and patience. When planning a routine or schedule to losing weight, there will be a couple of hurdles you will have to jump and one of the tallest hurdles is calories.

Sooner, rather then later, you will need to keep an eye on your calorie count. Any personal trainer, doctor or milkshake drink will let you know that keeping track of your calories is vital towards losing weight. If you ask pretty much everyone that you know what a calorie really is, chances are that they wouldn’t know. I’m not going to go all mathematical here on you, but there’s a simple theory to understanding calories and weight loss.

Take in more calories then you lose calories = Gain weight

Lose more calories then you take in = Lose weight

Also, it’s not pap talk. It’s actually called Caloric Deficit.

Keeping to goals is another giant hurdle you know you will have to jump. Whether your in a relationship or have an ocassion coming up, being the coach potato isn’t going to get you anywhere, admit it! You have to step up and do something.

I had found a great device that can help you to stick to your goals and track your calorie count, better then any other product available today, called the Bio Trainer. It’s sort of like an advanced pedometer – y’know, the ones that you clip onto your belt and they track the steps you take? Except, with the Bio Trainer, it uses tri-axis accelerometer technology, which measures your actual exercise movement. Nifty and that’s just one of the great things about it.

My advice would be to give Bio Trainer atleast a try to put you on track with a routine that works towards your weight loss. Even if you do some things around the house, like hoovering, it means your active and counts as excercise, which the Bio Trainer actually confirms as excercise.

Tell Me About Online Blogging

So, have you tried out online blogging? No? Why not!

First of all, if you haven’t tried online blogging, it’s something that youjust have to give a go sooner or later, no matter who you are. Expressing thoughts and feelings is sometimes tough, but there are times when we feel we want to shout out and let the whole world know something, may it be positive or negative and this is where blogging comes in.

It’s become the new trend for young and old alike, with alot of blogs popping up all around the place, not only containing interesting experiences people may have been through, but also wonderful information that can help you with your everyday dealings. Not only are individuals doing it, but also big websites like to blog about updates or future plans and it’s a great way for them to get in touch and connect with their visitors.

Now, the thing with online blogging is that it can become addictive and time-consuming, but that all kinda depends on how much you enjoy it of course. But don’t cancel yourself out if you aren’t a writer, because you don’t have to be. Your blog is your blog.

Online-blogging is a new-ish thing, but making money with online-blogging is even newer. Nowadays, all kinds of people are making a bit of cash to go in their back pocket from recieving sponsorships from other websites and webmasters, aswell as placing ads on their blog as another example of revenue.

But ok, ok, I’ll stop and let you get research up on online-blogging yourself, as I don’t want to keep you here all day. If blogging is something you want to take up for sharing your views or experiences on things, then heading over to WordPress would be a great place for you to start. However, if your looking to make some money out of your blogging efforts, then I suggest you check out this little book here.

Basically, it contains some really cool information on how some people are pulling in over $5,000 alone from online-blogging, along with a load of extra stuff about how to get your blog really going, with more visitors, etc.

Anyway, online-blogging is well worth checking out, as it’s a real trend that isn’t fading.

Tell Me About How To Make My Feet Look Good

It’s a common fact that we all spend too much time in front of the mirror, even though we are surrounded by famous life quotes such as ‘Beauty comes from within’. That may be so, but the outside gets you noticed! Alot of time, we concentrate on our face or torso, but we forget that our lower body, especially our feet, need attention too.

Maybe you have bad feet or feel embaressed about them? It’s not uncommon and the three main foot problems you may come across are…

1.) Pain in the heels
Inflammation of the foot and heel can really take a strain on yourself. Wearing stilletos may get you noticed, but sometimes, you’ve gotta give them in.

2.) Warts
Warts are tricky little things, especially on the feet, because it’s sometimes hard to notice them, although, the pain of a wart can really start to increase the more time you walk on it. Make sure you check in with your G.P about your warts.

3.) Ingrown Toenails
Yep, they’re a pain-in-the-neck, but they can be avoided. Make sure when it comes to cutting your toenails that you cut them in a straight line and not style the edges.

For the males, they wear shoes alot of the time, so taking care of the feet isn’t really a big issue. For females, they make sure their whole body is in great condition and feet are no different. But, it has been proven that we do not pay enough attention to our bodies if we have a problem sorting out a look for particiular parts and for ladies, it’s usually their bust (Wearing the right bra, etc) but also, it’s their feet because we naturally think that because we use them so much, they don’t need much attending to. This is wrong! Always make sure that every part of your body is taken care of, despite looks and self-pride. Men, you too!

Although, a solution for women and men alike is to get some kind of beautifying kit if your going through fungus problems or if you generally want to do something about making your feet look a little better.

Tell Me About Getting Rid Of My Old Jewellery

Ok, so looking to the ladies, I’m guessing you’ve got quite a few pearls stashed away in one of your makeup boxes or something, but along with that, I bet, if your a man or woman, that you have a few old pieces of jewellery that are gathering dust.

So what to do with it? Well, there are a couple of things. Obviously, you can give it away to family or friends and see if they can make good use of the jewellery. You can also pawn pieces of old jewellery into your local pawn shop and see what you get. Either way, you lose out, except if your passing on something with sentimental value, which is completley different to what we’re talking about here. What we’re wanting to talk about is how you can get rid of your old jewellery, effectively.

So, stop yapping and tell me what I can do with these dusty earrings. It’s simple. Cash4Gold.

Just like recycling cans, jewellery can be recycled – Kinda. I don’t know the exact process Cash4Gold go through, but what I do know is that you can get paid for your old gold, silver or platinum jewellery, by refining it with a free refining pack you can get sent out to you (See here) and then sending your refined jewellery back to them. Cash4Gold isn’t new though, as it’s been advertised on T.V and loads of people have used them already. Here’s one testimonial I grabbed from their site:

–Pam White

I love Cash4Gold. My Refiner’s Pak came next day, I placed my gold jewelry into the Pak, my check was in hand shortly after. I thought my junk jewelry was worthless. Now it’s gone and I have cash. This is simply unbelievable! Thank you so much for your help.

So yeah, if you have some old jewellery about, think twice when deciding on what to do with it. It costs to buy jewellery, no matter where you go and there’s no real point in throwing it away, especially if you can get some money for it.

I Will No Longer Be A Slave To My Scale

How many of you weigh yourself daily on your scale for tracking weight loss? I know I am one of those who have become a slave to my scale daily. Now, some research has shown that it can be beneficial to weigh yourself daily to keep up with weight gain and keep you in check. The bad side of that is your weight does flucuate on a daily basis and they can be very fustrating at times when you are vunerable. Lately that has been me. I should know better for instance when you lift to build lean muscle or had a vigorious workout your body may retain lots of water which in esscence will make it appear that you have gained weight. So, if you are not in the right mind set this can become frustating and if you are an emotional eater like me it can send you off the deep end to eat more.

So, today I am going back to the old school way of tracking my weight which will be weekly weigh ins or even bi weekly. I think this will help my mind set totally! Because when I get on that scale it will be a surprise for one thing of my current weight loss and if I don’t lose much, but see results in my clothes then I will be okay. I am just so tired of daily weigh ins and feel like a slave to that darn thing and it shouldn’t be that way at all. So, if you are a newbie at this take my advice and you will feel so much better.

Anyway, today I will do the workout I had plan to do yesterday. I was so tired and couldn’t muster the strength. I thought I was getting sick, but I feel better today. So with that said. Free yourself!!

How is your cholesterol?

Many people in America seem to be suffering with High Cholesterol due to the average diet and also due to genetic predispositions. If you are someone who fights to keep your cholesterol down, you might consider eating some of the foods mentioned in this article, after checking with your doctor of course.

Fish oil is your friend and helps to reduce overall cholesterol while increasing the HDL or good cholesterol. The best source of fish oil is fresh fish eaten during a meal. I always prefer to have fresh fish such as salmon, haddock, or halibut because these cold water ocean fish are richer in oils. Taking fish oil supplements is not always a good thing because some supplements become rancid due to shelf-life, and by the time a consumer thinks to refrigerate the oil it could be too late. Ask your local health food store for the very best fish oil supplement on the market and then ask for literature about the product. If you have questions always call the manufacturer directly, and in fact, ask to speak with the chemist if you have a more complicated question.

If your cholesterol is more than 300 you may want to add some other supplements with your doctor’s permission. Ask your good doctor if you can take 1,000mg of Vitamin C, 400mg of Magnesium, 200 mg of Calcium, 2 mg of Copper, 400 IU of Vit E, 1 tsp or so of Psyllium with 6-8oz of water,juice or other liquid, and NAC 500 mg also called N-acetyl Cysteine to support your liver so that it effectively excretes cholesterol. Green Tea contains polyphenols that act as antioxidants that help to neutralize harmful fats and oils and strengthen the liver. Cayenne Pepper also helps to lower cholesterol, as does Curry. Guggolipids are helpful in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol.

If you’d like us to make a custom formula for you because you are taking medication please send me an email, or click on the vitamin bottle at the top of the page to look at some of the standard formulas if you are not medicated.

Now if you are not eating the foods that I will mention in a moment, I think you might want to include at least some of them in your diet. Foods such as Yogurt, Whole grains such as barley, millet, oats, rye, rice, buckwheat, and oat bran. Try prunes, garlic, grapefruit, fenugreek, carrots, all of the berries, apples and celery to name a few.

Another important component in your wellness program to help reduce cholesterol is getting active. Simply walking daily for thirty minutes can definitely help to reduce cholesterol and your health in general. I’ve heard some women who do not like to work out because they don’t want to perspire or ruin their hair. Determine your best time of day to walk so that you can feel comfortable. Take a shower following your cool down period and try to make it a habit to walk daily. You will definitely benefit in other ways. Exercising is also a wonderful mood booster!

Take advantage of all of the fresh fruits and vegetables available during this season and the coming months. Try growing some of your own fruits and veggies…it is fun and there is nothing like harvesting some produce from your own little garden!

High Doses and Often?

Everyone knows that they can get sick from germs, and viruses – but do you realize that there is a stronger enemy that we face every day? Worry and fear can be paralyzing forces strong enough to have a negative impact on the physical body, mind and spirit. So, what do you do when you have the fear flu? You take a big heaping spoonful of…LAUGHTER!

Humor is really the very best medicine. It can instantly change our mood and help to heal us from many afflictions. Laughter is an important part of a healthy life. When we laugh so hard our sides ache, we are not just exercising our face muscles, we are moving life energy through our bodies to all major organs, like a mini-work out.

And so this month’s message is dedicated to all of those writers and comedians who have made us laugh over the years; the sitcoms, our favorite movies, and all of the talented actors who have been some of our most effective medicines.

My wish for you is that you laugh so hard your sides ache every day, and that you have enough of all of the things you need to make it until tomorrow–every day of your life! So here is some medicine for your soul – it is just the beginning, you have to take some steps to keep the smiles going. Rent some funny movies, visit with friends who make you laugh, watch the animals at the zoo, let someone tickle you and do whatever it takes to get your positive energy flowing!

Remember that if you didn’t like today – you’ll have a brand new canvas when your eyes pop open in the morning – so make it a beautiful day!

Eatting Clean is Hard Sometimes

Well, I am over half way through my challenge and only lost 1 pound. It’s hard sometimes when you have the best intentions. The Holidays rolls around and there is always something yummy to eat and I fall for it most of the time. Why is that? I don’t know? I guess I do I love the taste of different food!! The only saving grace for me is the cardio workouts I do to keep that 1 pound of (Right now I am 164 and I want to be 160, and then 155) 4 pounds is not hard I done it before! But what is the deal here? I am a SLACKER!!! Today I am going to clean my mind and negative thoughts and continue to my goal for the new year. I have received my new Oxyegen Mag and Shape too. So I will get some new workouts and inspiration going here.

I just returned from the grocery store and my fridge is again filled healthy choices and healthy snacks too. I got my menu planned and now I need to get my body ready for some good cardio. What am I eating today? Well…

Meal 1: Cheerios (no fruit. I was out of fruit)
Meal 2: 1 slice of cheese pizza and salad
Meal 3: orange and string cheese
Meal 4: Protein Shake
Meal 5: trail mix

As far as my workouts? Just thinking about it makes me tired. I guess I didn’t sleep so maybe I will nap when my son does. Yeah right! But anyway I will:

Continue strength training my upper body. Biceps curls and hammer curls, butterflies, bench press and the Arnold press too. Oh yeah, Abs!

Cardio… cardio.. CARDIO!! Ugh.. But I will get it done. 30 minutes of step aerobics and 10-15 minutes on the elliptical I got last Friday!!

Then later I will get ready to watch the biggest loser. Who do you think is going home today? Will it be another blue team member or a black team member? Even though Neil was acting silly at the beginning of the season I hope he stays!! It’s time for a black team member to stay. What do you think?

Christmas Challenge Busted

Trying Shape’s 10 Pound Meltdown Challenge

Okay… I busted my Christmas challenge already. Darn it! I have been on it since Thanksgiving and not losing jack, but maintaining my weight through this season which I am happy with compared to last year when the weight started to move up to the 170’s. This year my weight is at 163.5 and I am not going to complain. I just want to enjoy myself this holiday without the stress. So I said to myself, “I will eat in moderation and enjoy myself, but I will continue to exercise and lift to maintain until the New Year. Then I will get my act together seriously and get LEAN for summer as planned.

I found a great article in Shape magazine on called “Get your Leanest Body ever and lose 10 pounds in a month”. I am down with that!! They set up a fitness routine to challenge your muscles each day to avoid plateaus, which I hate, with 300 minutes of cardio and 2 or 3 strength sessions a week and follow “The 100% satisfaction diet too. Now the diet part I have done pack I just need the cardio. So I am excited to have a plan together to get started. I found this plan in the January 2008 issue on pages 117 and up.

If any of you are up for the challenge join me! I will be starting it officially on New Years day (Tuesday), but you know that I will have to sneak in a few moves before then to get the routine ready mentally.

Today was okay. I went into work and it was busy as hell. Not much coverage in our department which really sucked, but what can you do. I got home and wanted to exercise, but my son missed me so much so I decided to take the day off and play. He is so cute with his new conversations he is starting to have now. I love it!! And, he is still asking about Christmas too. I swear I am going to go crazy, but he is 4 and has no concept of time. Well, in a bit I am going to review the workout plan on and get ready for some action.

I hope that you all had a great day and that you are finished with you Christmas shopping too.

Another Gloomy and Blah Day

Well it is Wednesday and it is cold, dark and rainy. How much fun. (Yeah right!) Today I am feeling a bit tired and drained from yesterday. I was cleaning, cooking and working out. Oh yes! I managed to get my workouts in even though I didn’t want to, lol. Today I am feeling sore and just want to stay in bed, but with a little one that is not likely to happened on top of having to go into work later this afternoon at 2:00pm until 10pm.

What’s your goal today? Do you have workouts planned? My goal today is to let my body rest and recover and then tomorrow I will complete some cardio with step aerobics and leg and ab workouts. My other goal is to stick to my meal plan which will be:

Meal 1: Cheerios, banana, and canadian bacon
Meal 2: snack trail mix
Meal 3: lunch protein shake
Meal 4:yogurt and grapes
Meal 5: salmon and green beans

That about it for me today. Kind of boring huh? Well, I am off to see what my little on it up to and maybe sneak and wrap up his Christmas gifts, but I better not because he will sneak up on me and then all hell will break loose and he will want to play.

Have a great day!!