Resveratrol Supplements Are Worth The Effort to Study

It can be quite difficult to keep up with all the new herbal supplements that are becoming popular. Resveratrol is one of those herbal supplements that only took a very short time to rise from obscurity to popularity. But does it deserve that popularity? Is resveratrol a miracle supplement, and where does it come from?

Part of why resveratrol has been given so much attention is that it functions as an antioxidant. Normal metabolic activities in the body result in a particular type of particle known as a free radical. There are also free radicals in the environment, and can enter the body through food or some kinds of pollutants. It can take years and years for the accumulated damage done by free radicals takes an obvious form, one of the most malignant believed to be cancer. And since this process is faster when there are more free radicals present, it makes sense to try to reduce them.

And reducing them involves the use of antioxidants, which are beneficial primarily for their free radical-neutralizing powers. You are probably wondering what resveratrol has to do with any of this. Resveretrolis a naturally occurring antioxidant found in red wine that many people believe is the reason that red wine contains so many health benefits.

The range of conditions that are believed to be improved by taking resveratrol is fairly wide. From improving cardiovascular and kidney function to improving overall energy levels and joint pain to even allowing people to sleep better, the range is indeed quite wide. Since the only way to know for sure whether or not any of these benefits are real or not is to subject them to a series of experiments, the next step would be to take resveratrol into a lab and start running tests.

The current tests involving resveratrol use involve giving it to animals to see how they respond. Most of those studies are still quite early along, but the preliminary results have shown some promise. The main physical effect of resveratrol on laboratory mice so far seems to be a rise in oxygen levels in both the mitochondria and in the muscle tissue itself. The second physical effect observed was the stimulation of enzyme and protein production, which naturally gets lower and lower as we age. Scientists are so far speculating that these increases in production may help to reduce the effects of aging on the body and may play a role in the prevention of some degenerative disorders. There was even an increase in longevity observed during one study between a resveratrol-taking group of mice and a control group. Although there is a great deal of reason to be optimistic, scientists will need to do a great deal more research before anything is proven.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes – How to Choose

Recumbent Exercise Bikes – How to Choose
If you are looking for an exercise bike have you considered a recumbent exercise bike in preference to the usual upright bike? Recumbent exercise bikes are gaining in popularity as they are more comfortable than upright bikes and give an excellent workout. They are highly recommended by physicians and fitness experts and are suitable for beginners as well as those who demand a more vigorous workout. However there is a great deal of difference between models which vary in both price and features. What are the advantages and what should you look for when you are thinking of purchasing a recumbent exercise bike?


An exercise bike needs to be stable so it needs to be well constructed and heavy enough to prevent it from moving around as you pedal. A light bike that moves too much will prevent you from pedalling faster and increasing the level of your workout. It will also be more likely to have problems with loose parts and breakages. Cheap exercise bikes are often too light so look for a well made bike that is heavy enough to prevent these problems.


The magnetic drive used by most recumbent bikes makes them very quiet in use. This is a big advantage as you can read, listen to music or watch TV while exercising which will prevent you getting bored and giving up!

Varied Resistance Levels and Programs

Recumbent exercise bikes are great for those who have not exercised in a while. The resistance is highly variable and can be adjusted from very easy to extremely hard, making them suitable for people of all fitness levels. They also usually come with a range of programs which also help to prevent boredom. Most programs will incorporate hill climbs and sprints and can be challenging enough for athletes at the higher resistance levels. You can also incorporate weights to give an upper body workout. Try to find a bike with a good range of programs as this will make your workouts more interesting and you can vary your exercising depending on your mood.


Look for a good warranty with an exercise bike. This is particularly important as most exercise bikes rely heavily on the electronics and if this becomes faulty the bike will be unusable. This is not something that can be easily fixed yourself and although it is rare for this to be a problem if it does happen you will need to return the bike to the manufacturer for repair.

Some Advantages of Recumbent Exercise Bikes


Upright exercise bikes can be uncomfortable and put strain on the lower back and knee joints. A recumbent bike is safer as you sit in a more comfortable position that is less likely to cause back problems. They also put less strain on the knees so are suitable for anyone with joint problems. You cannot stand up in the pedals as you can on an upright bike which, as well as cheating on your exercising puts too much strain on knee joints.

Great Cardio Exercise

Recumbent bikes offer a great cardio workout in a comfortable position as well as exercising your lower body. With the addition of weights and reps as you pedal you can achieve a whole body workout easily. Boredom is one of the major reasons that people stop exercising but with a good bike with a range of programs this shouldn’t be a problem. You can also read or listen to music while you exercise with this type of bike.


Recumbent exercise bikes are becoming increasingly popular but you should take care when purchasing one that it is well made and has the range of features you need. It is false economy to buy a cheap bike that will not encourage a good workout and will probably end up being unused. Recumbent exercise bikes range in price from less than $300 to over $3000 so can be a major investment. Check out the many online reviews by actual owners of any model you are thinking of buying rather than relying on the manufacturers blurbs. In this way you will get a truer picture of the models good and bad features. A good recumbent exercise bike will encourage a sustainable exercise program that will help you to become fitter and lose weight.

Painful Diseases: Shingles, Cancer Pain Treatment

Unfortunately, certain diseases can cause people to experience a great deal of pain. Painful diseases include both cancer and shingles, among many others. When dealing with chronic pain due to illness, it is important to treat the illness and also to practice pain management techniques, which may include both medication and pain-reduction exercises.

Defining Pain

Pain is a relative term that describes a number of sensations, from a mild discomfort or annoyance to a debilitating, all-consuming throbbing sensation. While some people have a high tolerance for pain, others have low pain thresholds. Therefore, two people experiencing the same type of pain might react quite differently to it.

Types of Pain

Pain is generally categorized as one of two types: acute or chronic:

Acute pain occurs suddenly and is often described as a sharp sensation that emanates from a specific location. Acute pain doesn’t last for a long period of time.

Chronic pain is often less sharp than acute pain but lasts for an extended period of time. It can feel dull and can affect an entire area of the body. Chronic pain can also have debilitating emotional effects, leading to feelings of apathy and even despair.

Most of the time, the pain caused by painful diseases is categorized as chronic pain.

Painful Diseases: Cancer

Cancer is a disease that can cause pain in its various incarnations. Unfortunately, cancer treatments can cause pain as well. Therefore, an important part of cancer treatment includes a system of pain management.

Sometimes cancer pain is caused by a growth or tumor pressing on bones, tissues or nerves. Cancer treatment that shrinks the tumor may offer pain relief. When this does not help or if the treatment itself causes discomfort, pain medication may be required.

A variety of medicines are now available to help people cope with pain arising from cancer. The most common medications to help with severe pain come from the opioid drug family and include morphine, hydromorphone and oxycodone.

Painful Diseases: Shingles

Shingles, a viral disease that affects the nerves that lie near the surface of the skin, is another disease that can cause chronic pain. The symptoms of shingles usually follow this pattern:

Shingles symptoms often begin as a slight tingling sensation on one side of the body.

Several days later, a rash or cluster of blisters will erupt on the area of the body that is experiencing pain.

In approximately 10 to 12 days, the pus-filled blisters will form scabs.

In two to three weeks, the scabs will fall off, often leaving scars.

In some cases of shingles, pain will last long after the blisters have disappeared.

In dealing with painful diseases like shingles, it is important to see your physician as soon as you notice symptoms. With shingles, it has been found that immediate treatment with an anti-viral medication can significantly reduce the length and magnitude of the outbreak.

Diary for Pain Management

Many authorities note that in order for a patient to have a productive and helpful discussion with their physician about pain management, it is important for them to be as descriptive as possible. To help a patient prepare for this, it may be helpful for them to keep a pain diary.

In a pain diary, a person should note:

a description of how the pain is manifested (i.e., stabbing, general, throbbing, etc.)

how long the pain lasts

intensity of the pain (often ranked on a scale of one to 10)

under what circumstances the pain occurs (i.e., while bathing, while gardening, etc.)

when the pain occurs (date and time)

whether or not anything in particular may have triggered the pain.

Also include any pain relief measures you took and note whether they seemed to have any effect on the pain.

Pain Management Options

As stated earlier, a number of pain medications exist to help people cope with pain caused by disease. While mild pain may be helped with over-the-counter pain medications or mild prescription medications, in extreme cases of pain, a doctor might prescribe an opioid to help alleviate pain. When people experience chronic pain, opioids are often given around the clock, instead of on an as-needed basis.

Nerve blocks can also be employed in instances of severe pain. Nerve blocks work by interrupting the nerve function in the area where the pain is arising, thus blocking pain.

For shingles, anti-inflammatory medications, such as prednisone, can help ease some of the pain. Topical treatments like lidocaine can also make pain more manageable by soothing the surface of the skin.

Therapeutic activities can also help alleviate or distract from pain. These include:




Pleasurable activities, such as listening to music or even bathing can help, too, even if they offer only incremental relief.